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NEW: Accepting her Laird, Book 3 of the McRaidy Clan
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Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Birthday, heartbreak and my new work in progress!

My birthday is getting closer and as I do every year, well most years anyway, I started looking back. Evaluating how that last year or even couple years have been for me. Did I accomplish any goals, are the people important to me still in my life, who is new in my life and what do I want to do over the next year.

This last year has been eventful to say the least, the last 2 really. That led me to thinking about heartache and heartbreak. Several friends and acquaintances have ended relationships. Some short and fun but others were long term marriages that ended without much warning. A few have fought their way through the impending doom and saved the relationship.

A family member lived through the end of a 24 year marriage. She had no warning. The thing I tried to tell her but maybe not so eloquently was "its him not you". Since I had quite the list of opinions about his pathetic, selfish, cheating, moronic self, my message may have been a bit jumbled at times. People say it takes two AND that is true. It is hard to end a relationship no matter how long or short it may have been. You don't want to hurt someone and when you picture yourself without them, it can be scary....

People change and not always in the same direction. Though its just my opinion, I think the person who has been left with heartache needs to remember something, "its not you". The other person changed. You aren't a horrible person and there are a million things about you to love. But the first thing you should do is love yourself.

How do I know this, I've had more than my share of heartbreaks and done the heartbreaking. Several marriages and divorces had led me to know that marriage isn't my thing. But it doesn't make me less. I still have some very wonderful people in my life and I have been blessed to meet some new ones. Yes, I am divorced again, have downsized from a 4 bedroom 2 bath home in the suburbs to a 1 bedroom cottage (It makes me feel better to call it that) in downtown. I can walk anywhere I need something. Sure the neighborhood is a little....ghetto...but the trees are huge and throw some beautiful shade and the railroad tracks are but a mere few houses away. Keep in mind, I think trains are very cool! My neighbors are friendly, more so than in the suburbs. Well, to be honest, they could be a little snoopy too. LOL

My point is, I'm happy because I'm comfortable with myself. I'm not an ogre but also I'm not a victim. I have healed and so will others who have broken hearts.

I am working on the sequel to Her McRaidy Chieftain published with Eternal Press. It is coming along nicely and I should be able to polish it and send it in for submission soon. My friend and upcoming author Kimberly Sells-Tipton (Her link is on my page here!!!) has helped me pick a title for it and has blessed me with beta reading the first 4K words.

Enjoy your day and week!

Love you best


Em Epe said...

My Comments are now working! Thanks Sherry for letting me know!

Sherry said...

Ya, so that was June.

What the hell has happened since then..

Geez, the last I told you, I needed you to call cuz my texting was all screwed up.. Thanks to Myron, a refresh and a very hard reset.. (personally I think it was that smack against the wall) my sidekick still bears the crack, not on the screen but on the side.. I haven't heard from you since.. Why is that.. Want to know what's going on in my life??? Well, call me damnit.. You know my number... Geez, EM....