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NEW: Accepting her Laird, Book 3 of the McRaidy Clan
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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Winding down summer

This morning, I'm drinking my coffee and attempting to keep my body moving. Co-ed softball concluded yesterday with a tournament. We played a make up game Wednesday night, regular game Thursday night, tourney game Friday night and three games yesterday. I had an injury Wednesday night and attempted to play through it and did but its painful alright! At 45 I am pleased I played well and endured but I feel every year of my age today:)

I learned a few things about human nature on top of reviving my softball skills. There are some very bad and good losers and winners. Some were dedicated to the season and others didn't realize the effort that would be required and tuckered out along the way. What was most interesting to me was the external people. They didn't get out on the field but showed up to cheer the teams on or assist with scores, equipment etc.

There were a few younger players but in general I feel safe to say, everyone was an aged adult. Meaning they have matured in life. But yet, with a thirty year span of ages, I found the petty little irritant of junior high crept in. Gossip, back biting, cliques. Hmmm, so very interesting. It happened across all the teams and league. Did it happen in our own team...unfortunately, yes but minimally. There was really just one culprit and most everyone steered clear of engaging.

This leads me to the real reason for these thoughts, when we read a fiction book, only the protagonist engages in that behaviour, if at all. It seems this is a human tendency, yet its left out.
I asked myself why and pondered it a bit. Because, whether you engage in it or not, we all dislike it. No one wants read about junior high immaturity. With that said, why don't we as adults, even into our 60's, quash it. Speak up and tell those involved, stop.

In my curiosity, I tend to think its because we may worry about being the victim. Or could it be that we were never taught how to gently diffuse. Or some people don't see it that way and feel they are doing a duty of sorts.

Of course, we'll never really know without asking each culprit but its something to think about. I admit, I have erroneously engaged a time or two but am proud to say, I almost always peg a person for being a gossip and let them know I don't care to participate or hear about it. Since I've not learned, even at my age, to do this as gently as I could, I have ruffled a few people over the years. The problem I suppose is, I don't really care if they are unhappy with me.

On to my latest WIP. Of the Stone is coming along and the research is very interesting. Currently I'm reading about the perspectives of the 8th dimension and the Faroe Islands. It's coming along but now that I have more time, I'll settle into a schedule with it I think.
HMC is with the publisher and am waiting to hear whether they accept it or not. We'll see.
In the next blog, I'll put an excerpt from Of the Stone out!
Enjoy the transition to fall and all the scents, colors and changes that come with it. For me, I'll do a little hiking, make a trip to the Pacific Ocean and a few other things to revive and center myself.
Much Love to everyone