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NEW: Accepting her Laird, Book 3 of the McRaidy Clan
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Monday, July 22, 2013

We Have A Winner Here!

First thing is first, THANK YOU, to everyone who stopped by and especially those who left a comment. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on Love at First Sight!

Our winner for my blog is:::::::::

Michelle Willms!! 
She chose, Somer's Rising 

Lots of Love

P.S. I used to make the selection

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

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Ahhh, Love at First Sight. 
Is it real or is it a perception? 

We could scientifically break it down and at the end, decide the logics don’t fit our scenario, but let’s explore my Love at First sight encounter.

Think about love, it’s an intimacy of your soul. The person you are in love with make you feel a physical reaction. Maybe its excitement or sensuality or even a twisting of your nerves because you were unprepared to have such a visceral response.

I don’t know if it was love at first sight but my eyes locked gazes with a man, the one I’m utterly devoted to, and that experience we all read about happened to me. The sounds of the cold fall day and the other people talking faded into a background hum. His eyes, they were alive with personality. I shook his hand and my body physically responded. I knew that the touch of his skin on mine was something I’d never forget.

All the general things we experience with an immediate attraction were there. He was gorgeous, well built, stunning smile, smooth voice and a perfect hair cut but his eyes….I couldn’t stop staring. There was almost a centrifugal force pushing me toward him and I had no control.

We had our first “interlude” that very night and it was perfect. No nervousness, not a bit of self-consciousness, and it was all about us…several times…oh my!

He never left my mind the days after. What was supposed to be just a good time, didn’t end. I wanted him with my heart like no other. Almost four years later, I still have the same response to him and I swear there is no more masculine, handsome man out there. He spoils me, brings me the sweetest little gifts, tells me how beautiful and sexy I am and I love it and him!

My logical conclusion is it may be gripping attraction that grows to a profound love.
My romantic heart’s conclusion, “Oh yeah baby, just like that!”

What about you? Love at First sight or is there a logic to it? Share, tell me. I’m dying to know!

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Review of One Bad Day by Edie Hart

One Bad Day by Edie Hart is a fun little novella. There was chemistry between the hero and heroine but the real fun was the culmination of the suspense. The title of the book, One Bad Day nailed the story line right on the nose! I admit a cringed a couple of times since a few things weren't as believable or realistic as I’d like. The good part about Ms. Hart’s writing is, those couple of incidents didn't throw me out of the story. I enjoyed how the suspense was layered throughout the story and it brought out the…Well who is it?? Ms. Hart has a definite talent for suspense.

I’d also like to comment on the cover. It was hot and really displayed the story. The artist truly captured the book.

Overall, I believe Ms. Hart’s debut book, One Bad Day to be a well-crafted story and I look forward to watching Edie Hart continue to provide readers with more books.

Be sure to visit Edie at: