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NEW: Accepting her Laird, Book 3 of the McRaidy Clan

NEW: Accepting her Laird, Book 3 of the McRaidy Clan
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~The McRaidy Collection~

  • Her McRaidy Chieftain, Book 1 of the McRaidy Clan
  • Somers Rising, Book 2 of the McRaidy Clan
  • Accepting her Laird, Book 3 of the McRaidy Clan
  • Only because it was You, Gus McRaidy
  • All of Me, A McRaidy Son

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Running toward December and new book contract!

November has been an exceptionally busy month for me. Of course there is Thanksgiving but I've had a plethora of other things to attend to.

I am excited to announce that Eternal Press has contracted my book, All of Me, A McRaidy son! I don't have a release date but I'll be sure to let you know when it's scheduled.

I know that you see the McRaidy's in most of my stories. I'd love to explain the arc that I'm working through. For the McRaidy Clan series, beginning with Her McRaidy Chieftain, this is my historical highlanders. These are the historical McRaidy's. These are stand alone books but the family thread is thick.

Beginning with Only Because it was You, Gus McRaidy, I have introduced the contemporary members of the McRaidy family. Gus is the patriarch and has 5 adopted sons. All of Me is about Den McRaidy, his oldest. These are stand alone books but there is the family thread with the contemporary books.

I enjoy watching the family traits appear in each book. They are definitely their own people, but there are small details that carry through.

Does this mean all I write is my McRaidy series? Absolutely not. I currently have a work in progress that is a historical fiction/historical fantasy that I'm enjoying immensely  I'm anxious for its completion and polishing so I can sit back and read it for enjoyment.

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday:) I spent it with my sister, nephew, step dad and mom. I haven't done that in a good number of years and it was treat. I had a great visit with my mom and I have to say, I forget sometimes how pretty she is. She has the sweetest giggle that makes me smile when I think about it. I love my mom.

I missed my sons and daughter but some years schedules just don't mesh. We will sit down and enjoy a nice meal together when we can. I did have coffee with my oldest son yesterday and it was precious time. My daughter is such a graceful young woman and our phone call was warm and heartfelt. My youngest son called as well and I wished he could have been home.

As we get closer to concluding this year, don't forget to take the time to share of yourself. Even if you can't be together for the holidays  be sure to set aside for a nice phone call or even a pot of coffee. I love the phrase, Your presence is my present. Remember, someones time is a gift just for you and vice versa.

Enjoy your holidays!
Lots of Love