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NEW: Accepting her Laird, Book 3 of the McRaidy Clan
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Clarity comes from all kinds of places and people.

Life has been incredibly busy for me, lots of ups and downs the last couple of months. It makes a person feel off kilter when the control of schedule is catapulted to someone else's hands.

After a roller coaster of a weekend I woke up Monday morning, went through my morning routine of getting ready for work. Answered a few good morning texts, poured coffee and commuted the mile and a half to work. I sunk into work and decided during break to check my email. Since I'm behind on them, I scanned for the most important ones. Then I saw it...

A return email from submitting one of my manuscripts to Eternal Press. Not quite ready for a rejection yet because to be honest, I was feeling a little fragile from a short term friendship ending over the weekend, I moved past it. Deciding to slip my confidence jacket back on, I opened the email and started reading. And then read again...AND THEN READ AGAIN!! The publisher that I have always thought put out top quality writing had just sent me a contract for HER MCRAIDY CHIEFTAIN!! A beautiful erotic romance novella that even though I wrote it, I loved it. They chose my story to be a part of Eternal Press publishing house. The thrill made my arms tingle!

So today, I have dove in and worked on the details that need to be done. I want to do a good job for Eternal Press and am giving it my undivided attention, well until I needed to take a break. Which is why I am writing this:)

My weekend, although had some pitfalls was really very fun. Little things that make a person stop and look around and appreciate the privilege of family and friends. My son and his girl for the evening invited me to a concert Saturday night. Afterwards we met up for a drink and when my 22 year old son put his arm around me and told the gentleman standing across from us how beautiful I was, I couldn't help but love my son so much for that sweet compliment. The next day, my ex, who we divorced 20 years ago, took me dirt bike riding for the day. I am so glad I we both made the effort to be friends because in the end, that's what we have...a tremendous trusting friendship.

Later that evening, my cousin called and in his best protective demeanor, reminded me that he and his wife loved me, and if I needed anything, to remember, he was there for me.

So with all that said, I may have lost a friend because of his inner struggles but I received several reminders how much I really have. Take a look around my friends and take stock of not what may have left your life but how much is still there and how much enters without expecting it that day. Its empowering and soulful.

Much love to everyone