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NEW: Accepting her Laird, Book 3 of the McRaidy Clan

NEW: Accepting her Laird, Book 3 of the McRaidy Clan
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I'm so sorry I haven't kept up over the last  months. I could and should go into the details as part of my apology but it will come in time. The old adage that things happen in 3's...well somewhere in the cosmic sphere the calculation portion of life became skewed. My best mathematical skills showed the original 3 issues then a multiplication of the square root of said 3 issues which then a rounding up factor kicked in. Without an even divisible, you can see how that happened.

As things seem readily in hand and controlled...well at least the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned back on I have that old feeling back. My characters chatting at me as I drive, reminding me that I'm almost finished with my self edits...just come on!!
That is exactly what I did last weekend (keep in mind the light only turned on a week or so ago) and the foundation piece of my McRaidy series is 75% done with edits and will need a polish and tightening round. Hehehe, I thought that sounded funny...anyway back to my progress.
I posted on my Facebook page (come visit me) that I should set a goal or timeline to complete this manuscript and sub it in. My very good friend (I'll talk about her in a minute) helped me out and next Monday is the day.

Ok, lets talk about my BFF. She has surgery next Monday and I'll be at the hospital worrying. This isn't something minor...they are removing some skull ...that is freaky stuff. The thing about this woman is that she gets some of the freakiest things happening to her health. Like I told her, she will end up with this her whole life and live forever whereas me on the other hand will probably just have some heart attack in my sleep.
I'm worried about her and my way to cope and not ask her to make me feel better, is to take the low road. My solution-Texting her as to what I should wear that will make me look lovely while I worry and stress at the hospital. She of course-because she is my BFF for over 20 years- suggested sweats...........I can't do thaaaaaaaaaaat!!! Entertained with ourselves we agreed on something casual but not overly so. In addition I have her permission to bring my laptop to the hospital and work on my submission. (the surgery is hours and hours long) Isn't she the bomb!!!! Seriously though, whether you pray, keep good thoughts, meditate or any number of other things, keep her in there. I want success and a great recovery for my friend.

Now back to my writing, I'm on it. I haven't really been MIA, just quiet, I've been promoting Her McRaidy Chieftain published with Eternal Press. And I really have been working on things but it's not my usual pace or schedule. Speaking of Eternal Press, I still love them:):) Kim the owner works so hard and the other authors are exquisite. Helpful and supportive. I love reading their books, posts and blogs. I've also been silently keeping up with some of my favorite author friends too. Kim, Lisa and Nicole. Their links are on my blog so go visit them!!
I've chattered long enough, I just wanted to say HI and update you on my plans.
Lots of Love