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NEW: Accepting her Laird, Book 3 of the McRaidy Clan
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Clarity comes from all kinds of places and people.

Life has been incredibly busy for me, lots of ups and downs the last couple of months. It makes a person feel off kilter when the control of schedule is catapulted to someone else's hands.

After a roller coaster of a weekend I woke up Monday morning, went through my morning routine of getting ready for work. Answered a few good morning texts, poured coffee and commuted the mile and a half to work. I sunk into work and decided during break to check my email. Since I'm behind on them, I scanned for the most important ones. Then I saw it...

A return email from submitting one of my manuscripts to Eternal Press. Not quite ready for a rejection yet because to be honest, I was feeling a little fragile from a short term friendship ending over the weekend, I moved past it. Deciding to slip my confidence jacket back on, I opened the email and started reading. And then read again...AND THEN READ AGAIN!! The publisher that I have always thought put out top quality writing had just sent me a contract for HER MCRAIDY CHIEFTAIN!! A beautiful erotic romance novella that even though I wrote it, I loved it. They chose my story to be a part of Eternal Press publishing house. The thrill made my arms tingle!

So today, I have dove in and worked on the details that need to be done. I want to do a good job for Eternal Press and am giving it my undivided attention, well until I needed to take a break. Which is why I am writing this:)

My weekend, although had some pitfalls was really very fun. Little things that make a person stop and look around and appreciate the privilege of family and friends. My son and his girl for the evening invited me to a concert Saturday night. Afterwards we met up for a drink and when my 22 year old son put his arm around me and told the gentleman standing across from us how beautiful I was, I couldn't help but love my son so much for that sweet compliment. The next day, my ex, who we divorced 20 years ago, took me dirt bike riding for the day. I am so glad I we both made the effort to be friends because in the end, that's what we have...a tremendous trusting friendship.

Later that evening, my cousin called and in his best protective demeanor, reminded me that he and his wife loved me, and if I needed anything, to remember, he was there for me.

So with all that said, I may have lost a friend because of his inner struggles but I received several reminders how much I really have. Take a look around my friends and take stock of not what may have left your life but how much is still there and how much enters without expecting it that day. Its empowering and soulful.

Much love to everyone


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Winding down summer

This morning, I'm drinking my coffee and attempting to keep my body moving. Co-ed softball concluded yesterday with a tournament. We played a make up game Wednesday night, regular game Thursday night, tourney game Friday night and three games yesterday. I had an injury Wednesday night and attempted to play through it and did but its painful alright! At 45 I am pleased I played well and endured but I feel every year of my age today:)

I learned a few things about human nature on top of reviving my softball skills. There are some very bad and good losers and winners. Some were dedicated to the season and others didn't realize the effort that would be required and tuckered out along the way. What was most interesting to me was the external people. They didn't get out on the field but showed up to cheer the teams on or assist with scores, equipment etc.

There were a few younger players but in general I feel safe to say, everyone was an aged adult. Meaning they have matured in life. But yet, with a thirty year span of ages, I found the petty little irritant of junior high crept in. Gossip, back biting, cliques. Hmmm, so very interesting. It happened across all the teams and league. Did it happen in our own team...unfortunately, yes but minimally. There was really just one culprit and most everyone steered clear of engaging.

This leads me to the real reason for these thoughts, when we read a fiction book, only the protagonist engages in that behaviour, if at all. It seems this is a human tendency, yet its left out.
I asked myself why and pondered it a bit. Because, whether you engage in it or not, we all dislike it. No one wants read about junior high immaturity. With that said, why don't we as adults, even into our 60's, quash it. Speak up and tell those involved, stop.

In my curiosity, I tend to think its because we may worry about being the victim. Or could it be that we were never taught how to gently diffuse. Or some people don't see it that way and feel they are doing a duty of sorts.

Of course, we'll never really know without asking each culprit but its something to think about. I admit, I have erroneously engaged a time or two but am proud to say, I almost always peg a person for being a gossip and let them know I don't care to participate or hear about it. Since I've not learned, even at my age, to do this as gently as I could, I have ruffled a few people over the years. The problem I suppose is, I don't really care if they are unhappy with me.

On to my latest WIP. Of the Stone is coming along and the research is very interesting. Currently I'm reading about the perspectives of the 8th dimension and the Faroe Islands. It's coming along but now that I have more time, I'll settle into a schedule with it I think.
HMC is with the publisher and am waiting to hear whether they accept it or not. We'll see.
In the next blog, I'll put an excerpt from Of the Stone out!
Enjoy the transition to fall and all the scents, colors and changes that come with it. For me, I'll do a little hiking, make a trip to the Pacific Ocean and a few other things to revive and center myself.
Much Love to everyone

Saturday, June 20, 2009

One of my fave authors and an excerpt from OF THE STONE

The McRaidy's are still in progress. Packages didn't make the final cut but I'm ok with that. I have the chance to continue to improve it. Since it's in a series, I have other works in progress (WIP) that need work too. They were written last year and I see the need for some significant improvement in them. I'll work on them and at some point, they'll be ready to be submitted. Until then, I'll polish them with love and care and lots and lots of input.
I read a wonderful short piece by Lisa Alexander Griffin, called Celtic Lovers Magic. Its published at Freyas Bower and for $1.99, a worthy expenditure. I'm an admirer of her writing and stories and is on my "to buy list" whenever she has new releases.
I've been working on a piece for a while and am posting a blurb for anyone who wants to have a peak at it. I love, love:) It's called OF THE STONE.
Depressed about the impending court hearing, Shanna leaned against the hard wooden benches trying to make sense of what happened. Dom, her second son, a handful when the mood struck him, stepped over the line of reason again. Unhappy with her decision to date a local detective, he took it in his own hands to resolve what he and his two brothers and sister determined an unacceptable situation. Slashed tires, shattered windows and dents all around on Ken’s brand new luxury sedan landed him in juvenile jail.
Still horrified over last night’s chaos, she fingered the bruised knot on her cheek. None of them expected the cops would beat at the door in the middle of the night and drag Dom out of bed in his boxers. Hysterical pleas to let her deal with her son fell on deaf ears. Ken’s in particular. It wasn’t enough she endured seeing her son dragged out of bed, Dom made the mistake of pulling away from them to get some pants and they threw him on the floor, bloodying his nose and wrenching his arms behind him to cuff his wrists. Disgusted by their show of force, she shoved the cops to get them off Dom. That error in judgment and ensuing struggled was the cause for her split lip, discolored eye hidden under make up and a citation for her to appear in court on her own charges. Her other children, shaken to the core, summoned their father with all haste. Upon hearing about Dom’s situation and that, Ken hurt her, he left his battle and made a straight path home.
Over five years since she’d last seen or spoken to Vent. A long sigh escaped from her chest as she thought of him. Not really a man, a being of sorts, his entire family was. Time travelers and Vent had the ability to read a person’s thoughts. That honed skill caused the final break in their marriage. During their marriage vows, he swore to her he would never read her mind without her permission and he had. Still being married was a constant battle, each time she filed for a divorce in mortal courts, his brother Tant, an attorney, would show up and contest it. Every year, she appeared before the Board of Chancellors in Vent’s Realm requesting a release from her lifetime commitment always to be refused. Those arrogant Chancellors would lecture her about being close minded and heartless to him.
Across from her sat her other three teenage children relaxed and almost entertained. Each of them exactly like their father in looks and abilities. At least Vent forbade them to time travel without his permission and to listen to her unspoken thoughts. All four of them were handfuls and it was Vents fault. Vent’s parenting went well beyond reasonable. Instead of just answering a question about a history lesson over the fall of the Roman Empire, Vent gathered all four of their children up and traveled them to the actual battle that set it all in motion. Even simple things such as inventions would prompt him to travel them to the time the invention was first created. Last summer, a sailing trip turned out to be three months long and he took them back to the era of the Vikings. Arrogant man made arrangements with a long time friend for it. Who had friends from hundreds of years ago? She barely kept up with friends from last year.

Each time Shanna conceived, Vent would run his mouth softly over her belly and whisper words of love and excitement to their upcoming arrival. Nine months later, he would hold her and absorb as much of her pain as possible until the proof of their love came into this world. Being Vent’s wife had been everything she had wanted. Someone to make love to her with passion, a man to listen to her input and then make the decisions that needed made, protect their family and truly be the man of their home. That had left her free to love and care for him and the children as her one true focus. Now, everything had fallen to her. Why had she sent him away? It took a moment, yes she remembered; he had listened to her thoughts without asking, wanted to punish her for them and then killed the man who she briefly fantasized about. Understanding at that moment how much power her love held over him and what he was willing to do to protect their marriage. She’d become afraid of how much he loved her and the price he would eventually pay for that adoration.
A final read through the packet of information from the prosecutor almost brought her to tears. The fourth time Dom would appear before this judge and they had no mercy for him. He was only fifteen. At least Vent agreed to come, not only agreed, insisted....

Everyone have a great weekend!
Lots of Love

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Packages and My Birthday

Whew! I've been working on doing a rewrite on one of the hero's from my completed manuscript. The working title is Unexpected Packages. At first, it seemed somewhat daunting but after I stepped back and really thought about it, it started to flow. I have submitted this particular manuscript to several publishers that I really want to be involved with. I'll hope for the best but I will continue to strive to increase my abilities. Trust me when I tell you, if I get a contract, you'll be hearing me squealing!
Its a funny thing about learning, when I look back a year ago at some of my work I blush with my simpleness and errors. I can only hope that I continue to expand my abilities and in another year, be even that much more evolved.
My beta readers have helped so much and catch small things and large. Sometimes, I'm surprised at what I miss, simple little things that I should have seen. But, when you read and reread and recraft so many times, you already "think" you know what it says. Thank goodness for extra sets of eyes.
My birthday is Tuesday, last year I struggled with aging. A long tumultuous year in many ways but now, as the aging mark hovers, I am proud of what and who I am. Would I want to be in my twenties again? OF COURSE! As long as I could take some of what I know back with me. What thrills me about being in my mid forties in 2009 is this; age is irrelevant.
I have friends ranging from twenty six to sixty three. I have a great time no matter what we're doing. Each brings a different perspective. TIMELESS is a word heard so often but that's what this millennium has given us. No matter your age, gender or entertainment, its all acceptable.
So, for my birthday goal this year I've decided to pursue my goals and take chances, love my self, continue to be honest in my friendships and take ownership of the gift of love I receive from others. Oh, and try to finish off losing those last forty pounds:)
Love to all

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Weather and My friend

I have to say I'm thrilled with the sunshine! I've been cold for months. My long time BFF, 19 years now, turned 40 and we've decided on a summer of affordable fun.
What is affordable fun I asked. Hmmm. Apparently her idea of fun is camping! WHAT?
"What am I going to do camping?" I asked choking
"Fish, hike, enjoy nature." She happily informed me.
"Uh, I don't have any camping stuff." There that should get me out of this.
"Don't worry Em, I bought some at a yard sale!"
I sensed her pride but still, camping? I don't DO those sorts of things.
"I'll get dirty."
"Take a damn shower when you get home." She snipped at me.
"Can I take my laptop?" Now a little peace and quiet would be nice to get some things done on my WIP's. This could work.
"NO! And stop whining. You're going!"
Now keep in mind since the original conversation she's bought a water jug, a second tent and other things. There's no getting out of this. Hmmm, I think again. We'll start slowly. So we go fishing above a local dam.
Thankfully I went. It was the most incredibly peaceful day I can remember. Sure my foots just now healing from the infection. I mean really, it only took two weeks. The bruises from sliding down the hill didn't last long and I even caught some fish. We talked about everything and nothing, if that makes sense. Fun and every other descriptive word can apply to spending the day doing something with a friend that you cherish even if you think it's out of your realm of enjoyment.

I value her more than she'll ever know. Our lives haven't always been easy. Some of it was just bad judgement on our part and a lot was bad luck. May everyone have their own BFF that is as wonderful as mine. The memories we have to share together are amazing. Watching her son graduate last week after a few trials brought it all home again. The simple lable of Friend has so much more meaning than the word says. To sum it up, I'm privileged to call her My Friend.

I've been doing a regular amount of writing but to be honest, with good weather, it's hard to stay still too long. I'm editing some MS's and working on a few short stories.
Lots of Love