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NEW: Accepting her Laird, Book 3 of the McRaidy Clan
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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Weather and My friend

I have to say I'm thrilled with the sunshine! I've been cold for months. My long time BFF, 19 years now, turned 40 and we've decided on a summer of affordable fun.
What is affordable fun I asked. Hmmm. Apparently her idea of fun is camping! WHAT?
"What am I going to do camping?" I asked choking
"Fish, hike, enjoy nature." She happily informed me.
"Uh, I don't have any camping stuff." There that should get me out of this.
"Don't worry Em, I bought some at a yard sale!"
I sensed her pride but still, camping? I don't DO those sorts of things.
"I'll get dirty."
"Take a damn shower when you get home." She snipped at me.
"Can I take my laptop?" Now a little peace and quiet would be nice to get some things done on my WIP's. This could work.
"NO! And stop whining. You're going!"
Now keep in mind since the original conversation she's bought a water jug, a second tent and other things. There's no getting out of this. Hmmm, I think again. We'll start slowly. So we go fishing above a local dam.
Thankfully I went. It was the most incredibly peaceful day I can remember. Sure my foots just now healing from the infection. I mean really, it only took two weeks. The bruises from sliding down the hill didn't last long and I even caught some fish. We talked about everything and nothing, if that makes sense. Fun and every other descriptive word can apply to spending the day doing something with a friend that you cherish even if you think it's out of your realm of enjoyment.

I value her more than she'll ever know. Our lives haven't always been easy. Some of it was just bad judgement on our part and a lot was bad luck. May everyone have their own BFF that is as wonderful as mine. The memories we have to share together are amazing. Watching her son graduate last week after a few trials brought it all home again. The simple lable of Friend has so much more meaning than the word says. To sum it up, I'm privileged to call her My Friend.

I've been doing a regular amount of writing but to be honest, with good weather, it's hard to stay still too long. I'm editing some MS's and working on a few short stories.
Lots of Love


DedicatedToGod_FamilyChild said...

Cousin Chris,
You writing is wonderful. You have such a way of putting things that make words come a live. Keep writing. Love you lots