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NEW: Accepting her Laird, Book 3 of the McRaidy Clan

NEW: Accepting her Laird, Book 3 of the McRaidy Clan
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Sunday, December 30, 2012


The Big Bash E-book winners are....................
Melissa Snark-First Prize
Hilary-Second Prize
Congratulations Ladies!


Winner's choice of any of my E-books is...........
Shannon Bereza
Congratulations Shannon!!

Thank you for all the participation and comments!

Happy New Year!

Lots of Love

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Big Group Contest for Free e-Books!

Romancing Your E-Reader Book Bash
25 romances, Two Grand Prizes
Welcome my Exquisite readers! Did you find a new e-reader under the tree? 
Well, have we got a sweet prize opportunity for you.

25 Authors – 25 E-book Romances – Two Grand Prize Winners!

That’s right. Two lucky winners will be filling their new toys with free romance e-books. 
First prize 15 titles. Second prize 10 titles. 
How do I win, you ask? Simple. 
1.  The contributing authors have posted the blurb from their book at their websites (links below) and have asked a question about the blurb. 
2.  Answer the question in a comment at each site. (Don't forget to include your email address)

Each question answered on each site is another entry toward one of the two grand prizes. 
And that’s not all. Many of the hops along the way are offering individual prizes as well. So be sure to visit as many as you can. 

 ( Grand prize winners will be announced on the 30th.)

Here is my Blurb and Question!
Threat to Our Forever
By Em Epe

Finding the unknown threat… 

Lilly and Sam Kendells’ marriage is strained to the point of breaking when their daughter becomes a victim of a brutal attack for unknown reasons. Angry and feeling betrayed, Lilly doesn't understand why Sam won't use his skill as a hired militia to exact revenge for the atrocity committed against them. Sam focuses on facts and protecting Lilly from holding the wrong culprits responsible. Will their marriage survive as they search for the unknown assailant and try to stop the threat to their forever? 

All right, here is my question......
What doesn't Sam's wife understand?

Psssst! Any one who enters the big contest with an answer about my book "Threat to Our Forever" below in the comments with their email address will be entered into a drawing for any of my books they choose!!

Mac Crowne~ Mac Crowne
Calisa Rhose
Linda Carroll Bradd
Susan Illis
Denise Moncrief
Maggie Toussaint
Alison Henderson
Carol Henry
Beth Trissell  ~
Silver James
Babbett James
Barbara Edwards
Katherine Grey
Georgie Lee ~
Carolyn Sullivan
Joanne Stewart ~
Karen Michelle Nutt
Em Epe
Jennifer Eaton
Tessa Berkley
Rolynn Anderson

Saturday, December 22, 2012


When I was around the age of deciding my thoughts about the realism of Santa I remember seeing a look of concern in my father's gaze. As I explained to he and my mother that the other kids at school said Santa and the north-pole were just a myth, they listened but were very quick to quash those "silly notions".
I was still somewhat unsure but as Christmas approached I pondered the question, "if I didn't believe in Santa, would that affect my gift haul?"
As always, Christmas Eve came, all the family arrived and as usual, my dad disappeared for the night. Since it had always been the case that he had to work, I didn't question it. In fact I couldn't remember a time when he didn't have to haul a run (semi truck) on the night before Christmas.
While we unwrapped our gifts, I slipped into my bedroom for a minute to get my moms gift I'd made for her. My bedroom was dark but the curtains were still open. I glanced out into the back yard and against the white snow glowing from the moon, Santa stepped out of our travel trailer!
Ohhhhh my dad was going to be so mad! No one was allowed in there without his supervision!
I wanted to warn the jolly man but just as I tugged on my window, he stopped and looked at me. His head bowed for a moment and felt utter guilt at catching him. He slowly walked toward me and I tingled in anticipation.
I finally got my window open and he stood face to face with me.
"Why aren't you with everyone in the living room?" He spoke quietly.
"I was getting my present for my mom."
"Do you know who I am?"
I looked him over carefully. There wasn't any mistaking the crinkled brown eyes staring back at me.
He nodded, "Yes."
"You're Santa?"
His head lifted and a glitter twinkled in his eyes.
"Yes I am."
"Does anyone else know?"
"Just you and me."
"Why don't we live at the north-pole?"
His brow furrowed for a long moment and then it lifted, "Schools. The schools are better here."
Since I went to a private Catholic school, it seemed reasonable. After all, when I brought home less than stellar grades, my parents reminded me about the tuition they paid for me to attend and how blessed I should feel at the opportunity they gave me.
He promised we'd talk tomorrow and jogged away into the night. That was many years ago and I still believe as I did then. I'm Santa's daughter and we didn't live at the north-pole so I could attend my wonderful school. Over the years, I've helped the jolly old man with his Christmas clothes and bells. It always excited me. I even saved the newspaper article of Santa being pulled over in our pickup truck for speeding. There wasn't enough snow that year for the sleigh:)
My Santa dad has given of himself many times over his life. Each year he gave part of his Christmas to make a large handful of families happier. He donned his outfit to accompany children on  make a wish helicopter rides. Special needs children lit up when he knelt next to them or picked them up from their bed or chair to sit on his lap. Foster kids of all ages whispered their wishes for a family in his ear. I could go on but you see what he has contributed to the season.
I think Santa is pretty special.
Lots of Love