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NEW: Accepting her Laird, Book 3 of the McRaidy Clan
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Friday, September 23, 2011

Could we all be a writer without knowing it?

I think there may be a writer in each of us but we just don't know it. The average persons perception on an incident, happy or sad becomes a story. However, to those that feel a swelling inside are driven to put it down in writing. Little things that happen in every day life become a seed to an author. It may not generate an entire novel but it definitely shows up somewhere in some fashion.
Even the color of the sky at sunset can fertilize a growing story. For instance, during a tremendous windstorm, dust seemed to gather in cloud that, to me, looked like a character in my book. As the wind lifted various items and floated them around I wondered if the hero in one of my story's could actually float down on gusts of wind if they were controlled by a mythological creature. Well I did a few trial and errors (no I didn't jump off anything) with some research on wind gusts and some probability theory's and viola, it could happen.
The reason for my musing is this, when you are in a group and people are relaying their weekends or an event, some of them are noticeably more interesting than others and you want to hear more. Could they be a writer and we don't know it or is it that they don't know it yet.
I worked with a wonderful woman at one point and she had a personality that made  you want to know her. Kind, funny, honest and a wonderful heart. She is drawn towards making life better for others but when she tells about it, I always thought she should write a book. Maybe she will, maybe she won't but I still always thought it.
Well those are my thoughts today on writing and now I shall open my latest WIP re-write (and trust me, you want me to re-write this!!) and get to work.
Lots of Love to all

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Been working hard---How about you?

I've been working hard on a few different manuscripts now that work continues to calm down. Whatcha been doing yourselves?

Lots of love