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NEW: Accepting her Laird, Book 3 of the McRaidy Clan
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Friday, April 2, 2010

Gold Stars

I'm sitting at my desk, enjoying the scent of a roast cooking in the oven, listening to my man call about a DVD player and thinking.
Thinking about how excited I am that my first book will be published next Thursday on April 7th with Eternal Press. I love the story of Her McRaidy Chieftain but what is exciting is the sense of accomplishment, the process of polishing and seeing my pen name on the cover. It's my Gold Star.
That thought led me to another, as we sit behind our closed doors, feeling peaceful or even tormented in our lives, are Gold Star's something that happen frequently but we don't know it or realize it. I think, though it is only my opinion, that Gold Star's happen all the time and what is even more important, do we give Gold Star's to others.
When your child looks at you, no matter how old they are and say "I love you" for no apparent reason, that my friends could be your daily Gold Star. When you wiggle into a hot pair of jeans and your partner tells you your ass looks good with their own personal sexy look, Gold Star!
In thinking about it, it happens a lot but we get so busy or rushed we don't really put a label on it.
My cousin Sherry, came to visit me about a year ago, I adore her for everything she is and all that she endures with such humor and pride. Not a great time for her or her health but I was priveledged she came for a month. We were walking through the local grocery store and a man, a little rough looking, unkept beard, clothes dirty from working but he had such a kind smile and peaceful eyes. This gentleman stopped us in the aisle, looked at my cousin in her long skirt that had a gorgeous India flare to it and said "I just wanted to tell you how nice you look and that it is so nice to see a woman in a skirt. You just never see it anymore." With that he gave us a brief nod and sauntered off. He will never know how much on that day she needed and deserved that Gold Star!
Just one more to share, my son is a bass player for the band Position High. These young men have worked hard and finally are getting some great gigs. They had their first show about a month ago and it was an incredible Gold Star for them but during the show, they played a song that my son's dad really enjoys. My son took a moment at the mic and announced "This is for my dad" and they launched into a heavy metal, heart pounding performance. My ex was so touched that he even shed a few tears in the club. That's sharing a Gold Star!
I wonder, how often do we want to give a Gold Star but feel a little bashful or perhaps we're afraid of feeling foolish. I'm not sure but this I know, I'm going to keep a package of Gold Stars tucked in my heart and will be passing them out anytime I feel like it and even when I don't BECAUSE my Gold Star moment feels incredible and I want to share.
Be sure to pop over to and check out my book Her McRaidy Chieftain because I'm proud and excited.
I'm getting settled with my next book Of the Stone and hope to have it finished within the upcoming months. Writing the first draft isn't what takes so long, its the critiquing and self editing. Its a sexy little story that is a little bit of historical, very sexy, time travel is mixed in and of course a very hot man with an incredible woman that is loved for all eternity. Just my kind of story.
I love you best


Sherry said...

Thanks for remembering that moment especially today. I love that you made me feel so much better. And yes, Of the Stone is very Sexy so I can't wait for you to finish..

Margaret West said...

oooh, LOVE the cover. I'm offically a follower lol Nice to have you onboard at EP.

Kimberly said...

Gold Star - I think I have to say it was when I received my first rejection letter. It wasn't just a form letter, it contained lots of great advice, suggestions and ways to improve my writing. Even though it was a rejection, I know some day, just maybe I'll get something published and grow as a writer. I feel extremely lucky to have met you through the RWC list and that we've become good friends. I'm so proud of your success and achievement with Her McRaidy Chieftain. Congratulations!

Amy J Ramsey said...

I love your blog and the book cover is YUMMY!

Thanks for sharing with us.

Amy Ramsey
Ramsey's Reviews

Em Epe said...

Thanks so much Amy! The cover is very Yummy and as a reviewer I know you've seen your share!! LOL